Wait, What?

Maybe you’ve stumbled upon this blog by word of mouth, another blog, or I may have sent you my link ten times a day every day for a week, and you are finally checking it out to stop the harassment. No matter how you arrived, I’m happy you’re here!

I know what your thinking… what the heck is a eudai life and how do you even pronounce it? The easiest way is to think of “you day” as the “i” takes on a long “ē” sound. I could have spelled it eudae, but I didn’t, and now I’m stuck with this domain, so we need to make this spelling work!

Next, let’s dive into what this website is all about and why it’s even here. In February of 2018, my boyfriend took his own life. I’ve never experienced a close loss before let alone one of this nature. While all grieving is painful, grieving a loved one’s suicide has a multitude of other layers to navigate through. As I stood in the funeral home, mostly in a dream-like daze, I remember repeating to all those that showed up to support me that something good has to come out of his tragic and sudden death.

After many months of grieving, which is not over by any means, along with finishing school, and fostering six kittens, I finally decided that I wanted to start a blog to share my struggles, accomplishments, and setback as I learn to live in this post-boyfriend world. One of the issues that my boyfriend faced in his life that I found out later was his inability to be authentic with himself and others, which caused him to live a double life.

It just so happened that I took a class that discussed ethical issues and one particular moral theology stuck with me. Eudai short for the Greek word eudaimonia (yüdēˈmōnēə), which is a central concept in Aristotle’s Virtue ethics. The etymology of the word is broken down in “eu” (good) and “daemon” (spirit). The simple translation is happiness or human flourishing, but the real meaning behind this way of life is bringing about greatness and a peaceful spirit through right actions. Mainly, it’s working hard and the feeling of reaping the rewards, instead of having stuff handed over with no work required. The work can be big or small such as running a marathon, completing a degree, buying a house, or cleaning the house, getting the laundry done and unloading the dishwasher all in one day. There is no one size fits all eudai life!

As I looked at the life my late boyfriend so desperately wanted to live, combined with how drawn I am to the principles of eudaimonia the eudai life blog was born. This blog is a place that promotes a life well lived through Excellence, Understanding, Determination, Authenticity, and Inspiration. The eudai life is my way of pushing forward through my grief and to help make sense of this tragedy. As I walk this new path and blog along the way, there will be a myriad of topics covered that will range from the heavy to the lighter side of life. No matter the subject there will be a eudai lesson learned to help achieve “A life well lived.”

I hope my journey of living the eudai life inspire others to do the same, even in the smallest of ways.