Eudai Life…

…promotes a life well lived through Excellence, Understanding, Determination, Authenticity, and Inspiration.

Eudai is short for the Greek word eudaimonia (yüdēˈmōnēə), which is a central concept in Aristotle’s Virtue ethics. Think “you day” as the “i” takes on a long “ē” sound. The etymology of the word is broken down in “eu” (good) and “daemon” (spirit). The simple translation is happiness or human flourishing, but the real meaning behind this way of life is the feeling of satisfaction after working hard to achieve your goals.

I started this blog as a way to help myself grieve the traumatic loss of my boyfriend in 2018. I grieved, I cried, I starred in to the abyss, and I ate. I ate a lot. I ate a lot of unhealthy foods. Not only was I sad but I was a sad mess. I saw the path that I was already way to far down and knew I needed to revers things if I wanted to feel comfortable and confident in myself again.

I needed a hobby. I needed a purpose. And I need to lose weight.

What started as a way to help me grieve has turned into a place that I can share my journey on getting back into physical and mental shape with some random posts thrown in for good measure.

I hope my journey of living the eudai life inspire others to do the same, even in the smallest of ways.

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